India is a land of resources but with scarcity of opportunities. Unfortunately, even when we come across opportunities, we often overlook those due to lack of correct skillset and vision to identify and explore. We, at Centad, have dedicated ourselves in making our land of resources to a land of skilled resources. Instead of bringing opportunities to our people, we have stepped up to move our people towards the opportunities around them.

Need for Skill Development training

The need for Skill Development among youths, especially the less educated, poor and school drop-outs, has been highlighted in various forumsand cannot be over-emphasized. The skill level and educational attainment of the work force determines the productivity, income levels as well as the adaptability of the working class in a changing environment. A large percentage of the Indian population is still below poverty line,one of the important causes beingthe lack of focussed skillsetin the workforce, of which only a trivial percentage is skilled.

Skill development, at present,happens mostly in the informal way, i.e. people acquire skill at the work-place while helping their parents, relatives or employers etc. Such people do not have a formal certificate and thus earn lower wages and are exploited by employers. According to various studies, the traditional educational framework is not sufficient if we try to establish a link between education, skillset and employment. Despite the emphasis laid on grades in conventional education, we understand that there is a surmountable need for targeted skill development to provide a competitive edge to our nation.

Educationists and placement agencies have pointed towards outdated learning, lack of practice, exam culture, lack of industry exposure, lack of soft skills and bad career matching as major reasons for lesser employability of students.Despite the emphasis laid on grades in conventional education, we understand that there is a surmountable need for targeted skill development to provide a competitive edge to our nation.

Education and Skill Development

Centad aims to facilitate the development and upgrading of the skills of the growing Indian workforce through skill training programs. A large part of the organization’s efforts are directed at the private sector and towards developing the skills in the unorganized sector in India. With a vision to empower the young citizens of tomorrow’s world, our strategy as part of the Education and Skill development programme is to ensure that this vast pool of talent and young energy is tapped optimally through education and skill development programs. By doing this, we aim to link the dual objectives of personality development and nation-building.

Centad Skill Development Centre

Our primary focus is now casted on making India a land of skilled resources. Centad Skill Development Centre is our effort to strengthen the Indian youth through education and skill training. We have brought in various courses from a number of skill sectors based on our research for need in the industries and also tied up with various companies to ensure maximum employability. To know more about Centad Skill Development Centre, click here.

Centad School Adoption Program

Systemic factors like lack of teachers, non-availability of teachers in remote rural, hilly and tribal areas, high teacher absenteeism, large scale teacher vacancies, inadequate school infrastructure, and inadequate allocation of resources on education to meet the expenditure, irregular classes, overcrowded classrooms, and traditional methods of rote learning – have diminished the quality of teaching and reduced interest among the students for education. We, at Centad, strive to bridge these gaps in order to achieve 100 % literacy and 0% drop outs till class X. To know more about Centad School Adoption Programme, click here.