Education and Skill Development

With a vision to empower the young citizens of tomorrow’s world, our strategy, as part of the Education and Skill development programme, is to ensure that this vast pool of talent and young energy is tapped optimally through education and skill development programmes. By doing this, we aim to link the dual objectives of personality development and nation-building. We aim to put this vision into action through our latest initiative –
Centad Skill Development Centre

School Adoption Programme

With an aim to enhance the quality of education and facilities for children in Govt. Schools of mostly rural and sub-urban areas, Centad has participated in the process of transforming the educational systems of the adopted schools. The interventions envisaged include:

  • Improved quality of education in Govt. schools
  • Improved facilities for children
  • Asset and Infrastructural Improvements to the school
  • Skill and other development of resources

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Rural Energy Access Programme

India recognizes the critical role of renewable energy as a key driver of universal energy access and has embarked on a massive agenda of energy access. Keeping this in mind, Centad aims towards rural electrification along with facilitating the economic development of rural areas, improving living conditions of the rural communities, slowing down the fuel wood consumption and reducing migration of rural population to urban areas through deployment of off-grid electricity generation systems using any kind of renewable energy source. Read More